Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easy Taxi - Advertorial

Pictures sourced from Google
Hi humans, today I'm sharing a good deal with you that I'd known of in recent weeks & I'm enjoying the perks from this deal. It's an application on both android phones & iPhones named EASY TAXI. I was introduced to this app by a friend and I find it really useful and friendly, but most importantly.....
Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it's F R E E! No charges for downloading, & no charges for usage, NOTHING!. This app will save you from taxi booking fees, and most importantly, you get a cab at your absolute conveniences.

If you are at a rather remote area, or at an area which you feel that there are not many taxis nearby, but you just need to get to somewhere real urgently, use EASY TAXI. This application is easy to use, & you can have the fastest updates on are there any taxis nearby you, All you need to do is to sign up an account with them using your particulars, & there you go! You have all the conveniences at your reach.
An img guide to show how to use EASY TAXI
After you'd signed up as a consumer account with EASY TAXI, each time you log into this app, the first image will be what you'll be seeing. You start requesting for a taxi by clicking on the 'REQUEST TAXI' button, & you'll be requested to key in various information, such as your current location, your destination, & the required car type that you would want to board to.

Once that is done, you'll be brought to the second image above, whereby the application will be sending the information that you'd just keyed in, to the various taxi drivers who are logged on to this application on their ends, & they happen to be nearby you. Once a taxi driver had accepted your request, you'll be brought to the third image above with the driver's information, & there you go. A taxi will arrive to you within 8-10 minutes maximum, depending on distances.

As Singapore is getting hotter nowadays, most people would like to wait for taxis indoors. You may request your taxi driver to call you once he/she had reached your current location, then you head out to board the taxi. Isn't that awesome? :)

After I'd got to know of this application, I'd stopped calling the hotlines of the established taxi companies, as their hotlines are horribly difficult to be called through, & even if I'd called through, the taxi drivers are taking forever to reach me. Now with EASY TAXI, my time for waiting of taxis had been shortened. So I guess sharing is caring!

So what are you waiting for, download EASY TAXI now!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Tara 施敏 - Advertorial

Pictures by myself & Tara; Album from Tara
Met up with my cousin Tara recently when she'd returned from Taiwan, and again, she never failed to bring me good news again of her career. She came back with her very first EP & she signed me her autograph! (feeling very loved right now as I own the very first EP in Singapore, YAYYYYY!).

Apologies for the slight sidetrack but anyway, back to topic. In this EP named Say You Love she's having 2 songs as her first debut, namely 爱的好寂寞 Say You Love Me. These 2 songs display a total different feel from each other, shall not introduce too much of her songs here as I would require you showing your support by heading down to a CD store & get one for yourself. Please do guys, appreciate much okay! <3

Shall share more of her activities that had past recently with you readers to have a better understanding of this pretty cousin of mine. Tara had an interview in Taiwan together with famous artiste 徐乃麟 during her promotional activity for this EP, & in the interview,  had also mentioned his recognition for Tara's music works & the support he's showing for her career as a potential artiste. For viewing of the interview, do click here.
Picture by Tara's facebook account
When back in Singapore, Tara had just went on an interview with XinMSN as well, so in case you guys haven't watched it. Please do click on this link that I'm providing, & know more about this lovely lil sister of mine. And again, please do show some support to her first debut, her works are not bad for a first-timer I shall say.
Picture by Tara's facebook account
Lastly, shall wrap up this post with a lovely picture of this independent lady at work & my words dedicated to her.

Babe, since young till now, we grew closer to each other, supporting each other in every decisions we'd made in our lives. Here I am today, glad and proud to see you doing well in your career and getting better, with the adequate supports you're getting from everyone. There is no doubts in your independence & your capabilities in pushing yourself in going further, but  do take good care of yourself & stay as positive & as strong like how you always were. No matter what, you know my shoulders are always there for you. Work hard, jiayou as I'm looking forward to your upcoming works already!

Picture from Tara's facebook account

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet treats

Pictures by myself

Recently back into baking, and here I am trying out a new recipe for choc candies. If you're into baking, and are willing to exchange pointers here, would appreciate it if you could please do leave me a comment below.


3 pkts of semi-sweet chocolates (150g each)
100g full cream milk
1 tbsp of unsalted butter

Here we go!

First we prepare the mini boxes from origami paper. You may choose to use any other boxes of your individual preference. But for me, I choose to prepare them using origami paper as I'll be using them as gift boxes to deliver these mini sweet treats to my love ones. 
Next you boil a pot of water for double boiling of your chocolates. While waiting for the water to boil, you may break the block of chocolates into smaller pieces. Purpose of breaking the chocs into smaller pieces is to speed up the time to double boil your chocolates later when facing the boiling pot, and also easier for you to move the chunks within the pot.
I prefer using Van Houten's chocolate for this sweet treat, as the chocolate I'd chose is of semi-sweet taste. This chocolate is not too sweet & doesn't give you much phlegm after repeated consumption. You may choose to opt for milk chocolates if you're a sweet tooth.
After breaking the choc blocks into pieces, you may use some time to line your origami boxes with plastic wraps. This is not to dirty your gift boxes while shaping the melted chocolates.

After you're done with your plastic wraps, your boiling water should be ready as well. Double boil your chocolates together with the 100g of full cream milk added in. Stir it consistently so that to achieve a runny smooth texture at the end when the chocolate's all melted.
You may find it abit messy like this at first (Don't be frantic when you'd seen these while preparing, it's normal if you'd got the measurements of the ingredients right)
But this finished product should be like this (see below)

When you'd achieved this, add in the unsalted butter & stir well. You may turn off your stove now while stirring, as we only require the butter to melt in, not to be cooked together. Purpose of this is that your chocolate will have a glossy texture and it'll be easier to handle when you're placing it into molds or boxes that you'd prepared for.
When the butter had melted into your melted chocolate, your pot of melted chocolate should have a glossy finish & have runny texture like this:
Pardon the picture quality
Once you're done, we can start molding them into the boxes! You may determine the amount of choc you wanna mold in each box. For me, I use a tablespoon as a measurement tool & I mold 1.5 tbsp of choc into each boxes, so that the choc pieces doesn't turn out to be too thick, as I'm making my sweet treats a bite-sized one.
Once you're done, you'll just leave them in the freezer and let it harden for a few hours, then we'll start with the sprinkling of candy later on!
When the chocolate hardens, remove from the box & slice it into the amount of pieces you would like to serve in
When you're done with the slicing, you may choose what kind of finish you would want your choc candy to be coated with. For me, this time I'm using Hundreds & Thousands, which some of you may know it as 'rainbow dots'. Sprinkle it over your choc candies & you're done!

For me, I'll still chill my chocolate candies for another few hours in the freezer before I serve it to others. I don't like it soft while serving, but it's your choice! Hope this gives you another idea for gifts on various occasions or as sweet treats to your love ones.
You may choose to wrap it up as mini gifts

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x Stephtanxy

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Supply & Demand

Pictures by self & Guowei
Dining at this restaurant with these lovelies of mine to celebrate Jane & Jingting's birthday in advance was an unforgettable one, not just because of the memories we'd created, but also enjoying the ambience that this restaurant had set up with their amazing interior designs. I'm so glad that we're able to get a place in this restaurant, despite I would really love to have us seated outdoors that night.
Happy birthday ladies, xoxo
Dining at Supply & Demand was an awesome experience. Really love the design of this restaurant as it makes me feel very relaxed while I'm dining in there. The feature wall, bar counter, outdoor area, rooftop bar, every corner of it just makes me feel like heading back once more. (Shall share more about the ambience over here rather than the food this time.)

In the restaurant we'll see large stretches of tables set for dining, as you can see there're no counter seats, the counter is strictly for serving. What interests me most about this restaurant is that you don't get to see cushion seats installed next to the wooden feature wall, the grey seats are actually made of steel/aluminium. Interesting concept whereby you can get a heavy feel of wood from the furnishings & yet a tinge of rustic.

Indoor area of S&D
Bar counter
You may choose to go for outdoor dining as well if you don't prefer air-conditioned areas. Out of the air-conditioned area, the restaurant designed the place with some swing seats for their customers. These swing seats not only are useful as seats during your dine-in, you're also able to capture memories of your dining time with an interesting background. I love this concept totally, it's just so different from the different restaurants I'd visited till date.
Outdoor area of S&D
Outdoor area of S&D
If you're a person who perfers to go for sightseeing while dining, head up the staircase for a different view!
What I love about it when you head up is that you see a total different theme from S&D's level 1. The rooftop bar located at level 2, is not air-conditioned too, but you'll get to see Esplanade's riverview as well. Whenever there's a performance at the Outdoor Theatre of Esplanade, you'll get to enjoy free music as well. This is literally killing a stone with 2 birds.
Rooftop bar
Private tent; Level 2 of S&D
My lovelies and I had also discovered this lovely tent by this corner of level 2. Sufficient ventilation had been provided for this tent, so you need not worry if you're intending to have more private times with your love ones. This private tent is really a great corner for you to chill with drinks & catching up good old times with your company, what's good is that this tent can accommodate at least 10 pax. (Do note that this cozy area has to be requested with the staffs prehand as it's not always opened.)

The cuisine type her for S&D is Latin American. If you're interested to head down to visit this wonderful place for their interior, head down to Esplanade Mall now (8 Raffles Avenue #01-13 S039802). If you wish to make reservations, you may call them at 6884 6884. They're open from 11:30am - 11:30pm on Sundays to Thursdays, & 11:30am - 2am no Fridays & Saturdays.

Hope you'll enjoy your experience there as much as I did!

Till next post,
x Stephtanxy

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sushi bar @ FEP

I know so far my posts here are all about food, this isn't an exception as well!
Pictures by myself; non-edited 
I'd frequent FEP (Far East Plaza in short) for maintenance of my hair, from dyeing of hair color, till trimming my hair, till cutting it shorter & shorter. & whenever I sit in that particular salon and have my hair done, I'm always smelling a strong scent of Japanese food, salmon in particular from the eating house opposite. Other than witnessing the consistent long queue personally, with addition to my friends' recommendations & to have one of them's craving satisfied, we'd decided to give this place a try.

The name's The Sushi Bar, it's located at a corner of the 3rd level of FEP. I can't help to rave about how good the food is here. Tho rather pricey for those who have budgets for the meals in mind, the food is quite of a good worth to their suggested rates. We had a great fill of salmon meat that evening.

Shall let the pictures do more of the talking as I go along the way.
Scallop Mentaiyaki
Scallops had always been my all-time favorite, & I can't help to savor over how delicious was it matched with Mentai sauce. One regret is that The Sushi Bar had thinned the scallops way too thin (personal preference), so I taste more of the mentai than the scallop. Else everything else is awesome. -thumbs up-
Salmon Don
I refused to taste their Salmon Don at first, as I'm not a fan of raw food. I used to irk at tastes of raw food as it gives me of the feeling that the food is probably either not cooked, or it just tastes weird. But with my friends' encouragement, I took my first bite of raw food here, & it tasted fine. The salmon piece was thick, & it melted in my mouth before I could even bite it. Despite this, the scent of the fresh meat spins around in my mouth & stayed for quite some time. It was pleasant for me as I don't have much fear for raw salmons anymore, yay!

Ikura Chawanmushi w/ roe
Chawanmushi, another must go for during meals at Japanese restaurants. And I love the big roes that you're seeing above, tho a lil more salty than I'd thought. but it really goes well with the chawanmushi. Love love - jumps around-
Wafu Spaghetti 
This pink color sauce spaghetti made my face went blur for a moment when it was served to the table. I was like, 'what an interesting color for a sauce', and up to our expectations for the rest for the food here, Wafu spaghetti did not fail us.
Soft shell crab salmon aburi
This sushi roll is dope, & it was also labeled as the best dish for the night among us at the table. The mentai at the top was a plus point to the sushi roll, not covering the sweet taste of the salmon meat as well. The soft shell crab pieces within were crunchy together with the vegs, and the rice were soft and grains can be felt with your tongue individually. 10 out of 10 for this dish please, it's really a must try when you head down.

Salmon Kabuto Miso Soup
This miso soup was served with a pot and we served it into our bowls on our own for convenience sharing. The taste of the miso was rather thick for me, so if you have a light taste bud, you may wish to opt out from this. This pot serving is approximately catered for 4, and it costed us near $15. I personally find it alright, what about you?

The Sushi bar is a good place for stop-by dinner as well, as they have counter tables for individuals who prefer to eat alone/have quick dinners. The service here is quick & pleasant as well, and this concludes that I will definitely come back to try out the other dishes on the menu as well! If you're interested to make reservations for this restaurant, do make sure that you guys are punctual people, as they only hold their reservations for 10 minutes strictly.

For more details:

The Sushi Bar

14 Scotts Road, Orchard

Singapore 228213

Till the next post,
x Stephtanxy

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ambush, SPGG

Pictures by myself
Went to Ambush at JEM today with my DBS ex-colleagues for dinner. & here I am, introducing our dishes for tonight.

My order for the evening was Tiger Prawn & Bacon Fusilli. It was cooked together with butter & pine nuts. I personally find the fusilli a lil too salty for me, perhaps it’s because it was cooked together with the bacon & an overdose of salt was in. The amount of prawns provided for my course was rather generous for a restaurant. The pine nuts were cooked till soft & it was fragrant. The nuts did enhance the taste of my course in a way, & I was not hesitating to finish it all up. I’m not a nut person by the way, but the way that the pine nuts were cooked made me more agreeable to how complementing it was to the remaining ingredients (except for the slightly salty fusilli).

Overall, I would give my course a:
7/10 for appearance of the course
8/10 for serving size
6/10 for the taste of the dish (It would really been better if it wasn’t that salty)

Jason ordered Crispy Chicken & Seaweed aglio olio as his dinner. I found his spaghetti tasting fine, maybe because I found mine too salty, but he personally finds it average. Didn’t get to try out his crispy chicken so no comments on that. But for appearance wise, I would give it a 6.5 & a 7 for the serving size for this course. Taste wise maybe a 8 for the taste of the spaghetti.

Candy ordered the Sausage Plate, which consists of smoked bratwurst(which is also known as coarse smoked pork sausage prepared with natural spices) & rosti. I forgot to request for a try from her (sorry my bad), so no reviews on this. But here’s a picture for you guys to visualize her dish better. Same as Jason’s dish, appearance also a 6.5 & 7 for the serving size for this course.

So after dinner, we the trio decided to head for desserts at Paris Baguette (I still havent’ tried the royal pudding till date! –inserts sad face-), but our plans were intercepted by Bernard as he drove us to SPGG. If you don’t know about SPGG yet, you may find more information here.

This place is cool! There’re dart machines, a pool table & a room for ktv style singing! We went into the ktv room and there were only 4 of us in there. Bernard & I held onto the microphone so frequently to make Jason & Candy’s ears suffer. I personally find this place so fun that I don’t feel like leaving there early, as every activity seen in there falls into my ‘like’ list. Oh, & did I mention that you’re able to purchase alcohol here as well? There is a minimum required group spending of 30 dollars for each visit, so you may judge for yourself if you wish to head over to chill, drink, use their dart/singing facilities.

Regrets that I seldom take pictures together with my DBS ex-colleagues, guess I need to feature more of them in here next time, so that my readers will know about the people in my life. And I just remembered that I'd also forgot to provide a picture for the location that I'd visited in SPGG tonight. Shall provide one the next time I head down.

Till the night ends,
x Stephtanxy